Now Taking Requests

We love to make people smile, so Flossy the Wish Fairy is now taking requests! You can make a wish for yourself, friend, family member or neighbour … anyone really. Obviously we can’t pay off your home loan, but we know that it is the little random acts of kindness that make the hard times a little better. You may have a friend who is doing it a bit tough and needs their electricity bill paid, or someone who is ill and needs a hand to do the housework, you may want to send flowers to someone or a laptop to a student who needs one. The possibilities for making someone’s day are endless.

Please understand that Flossy the Wish Fairy won’t be able to grant all requests, but we will do our best.

Flossy the Wish Fairy will be making special guest appearances at our raffle draws, which are live streamed on our Facebook page every Sunday from 2pm and Friday from 7pm, to announce her chosen grants.

Simply fill out the form below … and good luck with your request.

Wish Request

Please note, to be eligible to make a request, you must be a current financial member of St Johns Park Bowling Club Group. Management, Staff and Directors are not eligible, although you may make a wish request for someone who is not a member. 

St.Johns Park Bowling Club