Our Friends from Share Care

St Johns Park Bowling Club is proud to have a very special community partnership with Share Care. From offering financial assistance to pay the rent for the nearby administration offices, to funding weekend camps and days out. St Johns Park Bowling Club CEO, David Marsh said ‘These are the types of activities that we all take for granted. Without organisations such as Share Care, people with disabilities would not get the opportunity to experience these small pleasures. We are thrilled to be able to assist by funding this initiative.” Clients enjoy plenty of activities on camp including canoeing, bush walking, archery, ball games and of course bonfires with toasted marshmallows.

Share Care is a service which has evolved and grown with the needs of our community. Starting in 1982 with very simple programs and services, Share Care started caring for a small group of families caring for a child with a disability. Today, they service over 450 families each week. Programs and services offered by Share Care are diverse, focusing on offering support programs to enhance the opportunities, experiences and learning of people with a disability.  Providing responsive respite for families, including hosting support groups and advocacy services is a big part of Share Care.



St.Johns Park Bowling Club