Prairiewood High School Celebrates Refugee Week

Prairiewood High School united in June 2017, to celebrate the positive contributions to Australian society made over the past seventy years by the 800,000 Australians who once were refugees. Prairiewood High School caters for a diverse student population, with 74% of students from a wide range of non-English speaking backgrounds, 26 students from an Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander background and 20 students enrolled in special education classes.

The day began with a meal prepared by the Prairiewood High School Community Kitchen Program, which is proudly funded by St Johns Park Bowling Club through the ClubGRANTs program, and organised by parents from the school’s refugee community in partnership with South Western Sydney Local District Health Promotion Service.

CEO of St Johns Park Bowling Club, David Marsh, said many of the ClubGRANTs projects have a strong focus on assisting migrants and refugees to connect with the local community. ‘Our Club is located in the heart of one of the most multi-cultural areas in Australia. There is a real need to reach out to the many migrant groups that make up our community and help them with proven and targeted projects which have a positive impact on their lives.’

Official guests and students then gathered in the assembly area, whereby migrant and refugee students shared their stories of leaving their home countries, and how grateful they are to now be living in Australia. For some, to be successfully settled in Australia is the knowledge their families and loved ones are now safe. To others, it is the prospect that themselves or their children have access to education, or to know that they are now able to enjoy the same rights to which all people are entitled.

St.Johns Park Bowling Club